A Few Photos From the 2014 Maryland Film Festival

Since I’m still “saving up” for a DSLR camera of my own the following pictures aren’t that great, courtesy of my cellphone. Having said that the pictures still fill me with the excitement I had that weekend with friends meeting filmmakers and just having fun! Enjoy, maybe I’ll see you next spring at the festival!



Corpus Christi R.C. Church

Corpus Christi R.C. Church

Ticket Stub

My first screening at the festival!


The Business of Art and Design program continues to take on inventive initiatives, this time by bringing the first art vending machine to a Maryland collge. The trademarked Art-o-mat is a vintage cigarette vending machine that has been given a second life, offering affordable artwork instead of cigarettes.
The venture is a perfect fit for MPS students, who provide artwork that is vended for $5. Students work diretly with the company as Art-o-mat artists, supplying more than 90 active machines across the country.


The ‘Fountain of Youth’!


If anyone knows what this piece is called definitely comment!


Jimmy George – writer of ‘Call Girl of Cthulhu’ – sharing the wealth

Call Girl of Cthulhu

Some of the cast and crew with Chris LaMartina (director), his lead actress and fiance Melissa O’Brien and Jimmy George (writer).


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