#BeShameless and #SelfLove

Andrea Lewis

So the past couple weeks or so I have been entrenched in the vlog posts of two young ladies named Andrew Lewis and Shamless Maya on YouTube. Andrea came to my attention actually a few months back when together she and Issa Rae announced a new web series coming to Issa’s channel, created by Andrea, called ‘Black Actress’. From there I kept following updates from Andrea after the first season of her show ended and found she had an online campaign called Self Love. In her videos she talks about her goals, what life was like up to about a year ago and how she started her journey toward self improvement and appreciation. Doing so has turned her life upside down and a lot of her goals, including creating a web series and an album of new music, have come to fruition.

Following Andrea, I saw one of her videos featuring of her girls friends who shared about their Self Love journeys as well. One of the girls was named Maya, and several weeks later her page was suggested to me on Facebook and I decided to check her out.

Shameless Maya

I’m glad I did because she has a lot of the same qualities as her friend Andrea. In fact it was a lot of hardship and pain within her personal life and family that put her on the road to self improvement she is on now and strengthened her friendship with Andrea. Maya now runs her own campaign and brand called Be Shameless, her way of encouraging herself and others to be fearless, face their inner demons and be unashamed to dream big!

Andrea and Maya’s videos have really inspired me to not only “professionally” as Dad and I continue on our book publishing journey, but personally as well. Communication from others or toward others about overcoming fear and how shamelessness and bravery can fuel dreams has really had an impact on me the past few weeks and makes me realize how awesome God and life really is. I also see now how important it is to own my dreams, especially for the novel, and beyond. Positive attitudes really are healthy and can change even the darkest days into brilliant experiences. I am reminded of a friend who encouraged Dad and I to see our novel as a movement for positive relationships amongst friends and family, and the campaigns created by these two ladies has brought that notion full circle for me!

I will post a single video from both Andrea Lewis and Shameless Maya in separate video posts for your viewing pleasure so you can see what I’m talking about. Whether you’re working on a mixtape, filming a movie or writing a novel, no matter what, be encouraged, take a generous dose of self love and no matter how big the dream is, be shameless in your endeavors.

I can’t wait to start a movement alongside my co-author dad!



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4 thoughts on “#BeShameless and #SelfLove

  1. Love Maya. My dream is to write children’s books… One day. All the best on the novel. What’s it going to be about? Have you already written it?

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