Numa Perrier of Black&SexyTV speak to CINEMATIQ Magazine about Spike Lee, new film, ‘Da Sweet Blood of Jesus’ and BSTV new business model

I’ve been following BLACK&SEXY.TV for about a year now and they’re breaking new ground as far as putting out programs geared toward a more diverse audience and representing diversity in those on putting work on screen and off. Check em out!


Numa Perrier Numa Perrier

New York – ( – July 8, 2014. CINEMATIQ Talk (web exclusive) presented by CINEMATIQ Magazine returns with special guest, Numa Perrier, director of programming and development for Black and Sexy TV. Angel Brown, publisher, and host of the podcast managed to catch up with Numa shortly after the world premiere of Spike Lee latest film project, ‘Da Sweet Blood of Jesus’ at the American Black Film Festival in New York City.

In a 4- part discussion, Numa talk about her involvement with the project as crowd-sourcing expert and campaign manager. She gives great incite on what it takes to run a successful crowd-sourcing campaign and shared two major changes Spike Lee had to implement that would “guaranteed” reaching his goal. “Guaranteed is a strong word but he had to succeed. If he win, we win, if he lose, we lose,” said Numa. “I saw a…

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