Hey folks, many thanks to all of you for following. Here’s the status. We are working on updating this website and seeing where that leads us. In terms of writing, Josiah has been working in his area of science fiction. I am working on two pieces, one a drama set in the late ’70’s about white collar morals versus street morals. The other piece is a personal/professional development book focusing on the mindset that it takes to succeed. Lastly, the two of us have laid out the outline for an anthology of the characters based on our book Noteworthy Tribute.

a-lodier-s-dream-hd-wallpaper-332996.jpg (1920×1080)

Lately, I’ve been running a Facebook Live show titled The Awakening. This show is a platform for those who would like to reach their dreams. They may not have arrived yet but they have taken the first step. What I have found is that many have dreams which are “tugging” at them and the dreams, yes, the dreams, are saying, “Hey, wake up. You forgot about me.” Barriers to anything that you could want to do are falling down and it’s the perfect time to pursue that dream.

On The Awakening, I provide observations in the area of personal/professional development such as book reviews, philosophy of coaching, principles of success and various other thoughts. There are occasions when I have had guests on the show, they have included: Emma G a singer/songwriter from New Zealand (; Miss Ash Productions a filmmaker, Sundance & Cannes Indie award winner; Tommi a singer/dancer/model with roots from Sierra Leone (; Garth Vickers an entrepreneur in business development and finance (; and MisschelleRenee an opera singer/contemporary artist, listen to her first single at (

Well, that’s the latest from JoMarkCreative…stay tuned.



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