Who Are These Guys?

Why they do what they do…

Mark and Josiah  believe in the bond between a father and son, whether related by blood or not; and relationships that cross ethnic and generational boundaries. This website is a platform to hi-light the many aspects of those bonds and relationships including but not limited to father/son bonds. Our favored mode of sharing is through story in the forms of television, films, music and other forms of artistic expression and calling attention to others innovating and connecting in inspiring ways.

They want to help you:
• Fulfill your dream, whatever that project may be
• Relate to people better
• Through encouragement by listing resources
• By sharing our own and others’ testimonials


MARK G. BRADLEY is originally from Springfield, Illinois. He is a husband and father, his wife and he have four sons they reside in Upper Marlboro, MD, near our Nation’s Capital.

Mark G

He is a member of Phi Beta Sigma, Fraternity and The Writing Center. He formerly served 10 years with IBM as an Account Systems Engineer. He co-coordinated computer, life-building skills workshops at both Boys & Girls Clubs of Washington DC and women’s safe-houses. He has worked as a facilitator & trainer/executive development specialist within the Federal government for agencies such as State Department, Department of Justice, HUD and NASA.

He holds and has held certifications in DiSC; Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; National Certified Career Counselor; and Federal Career Specialist from The Resume Place. He has been connected with organizations such as, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM); American Society for Training & Development (ASTD); and Training Officers Consortium (TOC).

His awards include: Regional Award, IBM; Assistant Attorney General Award, DOJ, NASA Team Award; and President’s Management Council award for Executive Development.

Mark enjoys traveling internationally with his sons one-on-one in bonding opportunities to experience new cultures. He is also the leader of their family garage band, The Mustangz, who write and record original songs. The group has played in churches, graduation cook-outs, at homeless shelters, and senior citizen homes.

His employment affords him the opportunity to unlock the potential of others while his hobbies include writing and crafting musical stories that touch themes of the father/son bond and relationships that cross generational and ethnic boundaries.

JOSIAH D. BRADLEY is a budding screenwriter and college senior at Towson University where he has successfully been named to multiple Dean’s Lists.


He is a member of the media and film society Lambda Kappa Tau, Alpha Chapter; The Writing Center; and has had letters to the editor published in local newspapers.

He has received an A.A. Communication/Writing; A.A. General Studies; Certificate Program in Transfer Studies from Prince George’s Community College.

Josiah has served as an Assistant Director, for Independent film projects Waging War; Z Is For Zebra, The 48 Hour Film Competition and Bait & Switch.

Josiah is also credited as Script Manager, Second Assistant Director, and Production Associate on the Independent short film Faith N. Self and the Bait & Switch web series.

Josiah’s Co-Writing credits include the Independent film Waging War, the Bait & Switch as well as the Lambda Kappa Tau 48 hour film, Levels.

Hobbies include: reading, writing, movie hopping and movie making, Dungeons & Dragons and podcasting with friends.

Fun travel spots have included: Lincoln shrines in Springfield, IL; Millennium Park in Chicago, IL; Midtown Comics and Time Square in New York City; The Coke Museum in Atlanta, Georgia; Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads, VA; Playa del Carmen, Mexico; the Mayan Ruins; and the Bahamas.

Work: Chick-Fil-A employee award and a Christmas In April volunteer for two years.


4 thoughts on “Who Are These Guys?

  1. Hi, I love the idea of your blog, you both seems like wonderful people who have accomplished a lot. Good luck on your novel hopefully I’ll be picking up a copy of Noteworthy Tribute from my local bookstore soon.

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