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Cory Lynn Faber finds himself in Virginia Beach three thousand miles away from home after the death of his best friend and bandmate. While on the path to re-discovery he meets a local aspiring music producer, Evan Spencer. Evan, a young DJ, has his own struggles with his family’s desire for him to pursue college and a “normal” life versus starting a band and traveling. All of this unfolds against the backdrop of family secrets. Noteworthy Tribute is a coming-of-age story where characters young and old learn the importance of relationships and that sacrifice is the bridge to their destiny. – Amazon synopsis.

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Collaboration: Keeping It In the Family

This past summer I have enjoyed creating projects with my immediate and extended family and I’d like to list them from most recent to earliest team up.

Matthew’s Web series – Last night my brother Matthew completed filming on the pilot for his newest web series project following our family. It is inspired by his newest obsession, Parks & Rec haha and follows my family, albeit more exaggerated, in a single-camera set up. Our friend Ryan is producing it with him. I’m really excited to see how this turns out and I’m sure Matthew is too; the whole family is pretty stoked about it and being on camera. This will mark my dad’s first time on camera since by now everyone including our dog has been on YouTube or some short film!

Like and Subscribe to the show @

Like and Subscribe to the show @


Ethan’s 2nd Day of Bait & Switch – Yesterday afternoon marked my other brother Ethan’s second day onset of Bait & Switch, a web series me and a couple Towson friends have been producing for a year and a half. He gets to put his natural style to good use, playing a dashing law enforcement officer. He’s just naturally sharp and dresses nice for his job so I figured he’d be perfect for this brief stint on the show. I look forward to watching him when his episodes air online later. It was exciting to work with Ethan in a film; the last thing he and I did was a cool street gang inspired photo shoot I did a few years back, but finally he’s acting; last time we acted together was for one of our god mother’s stage plays.

Ethan - the picture of authority.

Ethan – the picture of authority.

Oh, also my best friend Marcus has a couple roles on Bait & Switch also and that was exciting putting him back onscreen as an aspiring actor. Last time he was onscreen was a couple years back for our friend’s film Waging War

Waging War
Marcus the Thespian – Which segues into more about my best friend, who might as well be family. I am happy so say that he has gotten some new head shots taken with a new friend of ours, a free lance photographer close to other mutual family friends. Its not all about me, but dad says its going well when one project makes room for others to grow. My friendship with Charity has now made a way for Marcus to get things done for his acting career: getting new head shots, starring in a web series, and being an extra on other films including House of Cards. This Friday he’ll be in a cool concert/riot type scene and he even listens to the featured artists and has memorabilia he can bring! I can’t go cause I’m spending time with my grandmother but I wanted to pass it forward so I’m glad he can go and get more experience, do his own thing, and things can only get better for him!

Follow on Instgram @baitandswitchseries

Follow on Instgram @baitandswitchseries

Photo Shoot with Charity – Extending to other friends, my new friend Charity is budding free lance photographer and film maker. She recently shot photos of some models for me to serve as promotion for Noteworthy Tribute in the near future! I was scared the shoot wouldn’t work out due to scheduling conflicts, my own inexperience and above all… BAD WEATHER. But thank God it all worked out! My Lammda Kappa Tau ladies were amazingly professional (good reunion with them before school starts), and my family friend Kiana did wonderful make up for them. It was a great day of laughter and team work and dad and I can’t wait to reveal the poster(s) we create from that photo shoot!

Courtesy of CharityBMedia!

Courtesy of CharityBMedia!

Marcus’s Screenplay – The middle of the summer saw me hard at work on a short script for Marcus’s first major production for the near future. The story is an action drama about forgiving one’s self. Honestly its the most brutal thing I have written yet and I welcomed the challenge to condense the story into something we hope will be half an hour or so when shooting begins. right now draft 1 is done and I am awaiting feedback from a few trusted friends on the script, including Marcus and our friend Audie who will play the central character. Its so fun to get buried in a story, a new story and even one that has an end point much shorter than you’re used to. It forces you to be creative in new ways in your writing and get to the point sooner. I can’t wait for Marcus to direct this movie!

Matthew & Ryan’s DREAMERS –  Bringing it back to the Bradleys, all of my brothers save Daniel, filmed a new episode of an older series Matthew and Ryan put out about people with powers over dreams and consciousness a few weeks back. I think Matthew plans to have Ethan and I onscreen for this revamp/reboot of his and Ryan’s story; not sure, but he seems to be planning at least one more episode with us and I am happy to help, if I can only slow down enough haha.

Aunt and Cousin Editing – Dad and I have employed one of my aunt and cousins to do grammar and continuity editing on our current manuscript of Noteworthy Tribute. Its been a long time coming and Aunt Chris has finished all of it and I am hoping to get more insight on what she thought of the story. Aunt Chris has already been cited in someone else’s book as editor so that got all of us pumped to sing her on to work with us on getting our manuscript out!

And that concludes my recap of the summer. As you can see, we in my family like to stay busy, but as my brothers and i get older we have no been inspired to keep a lot of projects in the family or include more of our family. And its been a wonderful experience meeting new friends in the creativity business we can collaborate with. I look forward to seeing these projects come to fruition and be completed and to sharing them with you all!



Genesis of the book ‘Noteworthy Tribute’

*Original Cover

I never really thought much about writing a book. Once I started, I discovered many other people who also spoke of their desire to write. It’s a great goal to have and I encourage anyone who is interested in writing a book to go ahead and do so. It is a very satisfying experience. As I look back now, maybe I was slowly being prepared to tell stories while watching too many 30-minute sitcoms in the ’70’s, somehow that formed my mindset. By mindset, I mean my way of viewing life in story-lines; to cope with challenges of the world, I’d see myself and others as characters in a series.

Everything came together for me at a launching point sometime around 1998. I was in Virginia, traveling the highway, Interstate 64, the car danced between the lanes while on the last legs of one of my earliest trips to see the ocean at Virginia Beach. That day, I did get to see the ocean; I was awed by the experience; I was transported in spirit beyond my roots of the corn and soybean fields Illinois offered, to the vastness of the sea and in that moment, I was given a story to tell. I invite you to share that journey with me.

Before I knew it there I was on the #89 Metrobus from Greenbelt to Laurel sharing my first pages with my kind friend Deanna Cunningham. Deanna was pleasant to me by sharing her writing experiences while employed at American University. I am forever grateful for her assistance.

Those days were filled with computer problems, floppy disk concerns (yes, floppy – not a misprint), yaa di, yaa di, yaa. Somedays it was really difficult to come home from hours of work, interact with the family, then somehow tap into the creative juices like a maple tree in the forest. I recommend everyone get an encouraging friend and remain diligent.

The story would center around the relationships of young twenty-somethings and a common struggle; how to deal with the question of going to college or not. The backdrop would be music; I really enjoy the liberating feeling one gets from simply jamming. When I was somewhere between 10 and 15 years of age while playing basketball on the outdoor court at the Boys Club in Springfield, Illinois with my childhood friends; Andrew noticed I was singing while trying to play the game and teased me that someday I’d probably become a ‘rock’ star – yeah right. Nonetheless, the point is I’ve always enjoyed music and the influence that it had on my life. So, I figured that I would include it in the story line of Noteworthy Tribute. Made sense at least to me, especially since we have a family garage band and this would give another dimension to the book. The songs in the book are written and performed by our band with a little help from our friends here. The combination of music and writing is sort of like when James Waller did an album to coincide with The Bridges of Madison County. The fact that the ensemble cast in our book reflected the camaraderie that I experienced growing up was actually not planned but was a pleasant surprise. It is somewhat of a tribute to the friends that I had growing up and the fun that we had…I now realize how special those times were. It’s possible I’ll miss a name or two, please forgive me but while I’m in the flow – well, here’s a shout-out to the guys (yes, there were girls also, thanks ladies – but this is about props to the brotherhood here). Steven Richie, Andrew Carr, Tony Young, Anthony Thompson, Brian Singleton, Phil Brown, Ron Smiley, & Keith Chambers. I have told my four sons about the days of our youth and encouraged them to pursue friendships that I was blessed to have had with you.