March Madness

Yo, Josiah here! So two of the busiest months for me are (in ascending order) May due to all of the graduations and the graduation BBQs that follow. And then March due to the at least one dozen birthdays shared amongst my friends and family. But this past March was by far the most hectic and I’ve got the novel to thank for that. Enjoy this brief recap of what Noteworthy Tribute was doing in March 2016!

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  1. March 13 – Beechtree Author Q&A
    Back in February Dad and I held a book signing in our local community. A close friend of my Dad’s is a part of a book club and invited us to their space to hold a signing. Readers had a month to get through the book so we could all talk spoilers back at Beechtree. The highlight of the Q&A session was meeting Teressa, a fellow author. She passed on a lot of wisdom and experience on and admonished us not to give up on the author dream and to do all we could to get our book out to the masses; and she jumped at the chance to help in any way she could. Since then, we have been in contact with her and registered for new local vendor opportunities. Writers gotta stick together!


  2. March 14 – Belcroft Bible Church
    The entire Bradley Clan shared the various endeavors we’ve launched ranging from the novel to videography and travel experience all thanks to a business expo the church held. We were allotted a couple minutes to talk about ourselves and how the novel came to be. Afterward, a few people walked away with their copy of the book! Some highlights from that night came in the form of meeting a social media guru and another videographer looking to work together. Oh and top of that, I turned 27!


  3. March 18 – Seaton Memorial A.M.E. Church
    Packed into a room were six authors from the DMV area! Most of the books were instructional or of the memoir variety, so Noteworthy Tribute stood in the gap for creative fiction. It was amazing to be sitting amongst other writers who made it their mission to get their story published for the world to see. It was incredible and the night was capped off by a video conference with all of us and another author who published a story book for children, a loose retelling of his life. He aims to connect an app to the book to inspire kids to pursue their interests in technology, and higher education. entrepreneurs


  4. March 26 – Ukazoo Books & The Inconvenient Truth
    We ventured to a rather spacious used/new bookstore in Towson, MD, a really chill place I remember visiting once during my time at Towson University. It was a real treat to catch up with two film maker friends from school who came to support the book, one of which was the camera woman on my senior film! But the high lights of the day came in the form of two interviews one of which wasn’t even planned. We met a young Mass Comm major from TU who got stood up by another author she was there to write about but when she saw our table she plopped down and got to know us; we even discussed traveling and her other interests and she walked away with our story, both professional and personal. Lastly, we caught up with my friend TD Stroman III whom I worked with on a fun indie/fantasy film years ago. He is the host of The Inconvenient Truth filmed out in Fairfax. He squeezed us into our own segment since he was mostly covering local comedians that day, but when he spoke with us he totally understood our message of father and son bonding, passing of the torch and how it inspires creativity.

So that was the month of March and it was a packed one. As we continue on our journey we continue to meet fresh new voices in the arts and they further inspire me to be as authentic as possible, keep learning and never quit. We’re only four months in and so much has happened to Noteworthy Tribute and I can’t wait to see what April brings!

Write you again soon!

BeechTree Book Club Presents



HAPPY 2016!!!

We have been invited to the BeechTree Book Club on Sunday, February 21st, 2016 @ 3:00pm (EST) and concluding @ 5:00pm to sell and share Noteworthy Tribute!

Come with your friends and family and get your signed copy at $10  each, cash/credit, meet us and hangout with other readers and even learn how you can join this local book club that has been so kind to invite us out.

This is part 1 of our spring book event, the signing and introductory portion. We will return to BeechTree for part 2, the discussion and Q&A section with you all the following month March 13th @ 3:00pm and concluding @5:00pm.


For more updates LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter via links in the widgets below. There you can join the event page and invite your Facebook friends, even bring some from your own book club because BeechTree is turning no one away!

We can’t wait to meet you!


Mark & Josiah


We made it back. After somewhere between 3-5 years, Dad and I (and my brother Daniel) went to the 15th annual National Book Festival in Washington DC. We were treated to four writers that day: one from Fiction, another from Poetry & Prose, and finally two from the Mysteries, Thriller and Science Fiction genre.


Phil Klay won the National Book Award for Fiction with his collection of short-stories, Redeployment. He read 3-4 stories from his book with the full vigor of an advancing campaign. I (Mark) had my olfactory senses ambushed by one of his accounts of those assigned to handle corpses and the execution of “the job”. The author made it clear that each war, whether Iraq, Afghanistan, or otherwise, each war is similar yet has it’s own distinct personality. Klay modeled clearly for me that “truth” in the art of writing, is as Bill Butler (cinematography JAWS, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and Grease) had alluded to is itself “the greatest technological advancement”. 

David Weber, the author of Like A Mighty Army writes Military Science Fiction, a genre I’d never heard of, but it made sense to me and I felt like I (Jo) should have been familiar with it. He is a prolific writer, having written 60+ books, some of which are included in several book series. During the Q&A section, there was discussion about “strong female characters” (a term I (Jo) “hate” but will have to write about another time, the term, not the characters) and in that discussion Weber said he’s written plenty of strong and competent characters, and a lot of them happen to be women. We’ve heard George R.R. Martin say similar things, so that was cool. Weber’s fans were interesting too since a few showed up in costume with berets and that was fun to see. He also recommended some very old science fiction by the names of The Legion of Space by Jack Williamson and Genus Homo by L. Sprague de Camp and P. Schuyler Miller.


David Weber

Jerome Charyn whose new book is called Bitter Bronx: Thirteen Stories was the oldest writer we listened to, and represnted the Prose & Poetry. He spoke on the history of the Burroughs and his love for the people and culture and preserving the history there in his new anthology series. He was cool because he stuck to his guns and had opinions about things and that was kind of refreshing; he was old, but sharp minded and I want to mentally age just as gracefully.

And last but least, Dan Wells has just released his newest book The Devil’s Only Friend, the first in a new trilogy about his sociopathic hero, John Wayne Cleaver. He was the most energetic of everyone we saw and had also become a new father again for the 6th time in a row. He came from the Horror side of things and he shared this interesting quote from the late Wes Craven which goes, “Horror films are the most moral genre.” This has more to do with exploring morality in the context of having to kill something to save everyone and in doing so, becoming sort of evil yourself, since killing – murder, is evil. Characters in the genre are known for grappling with this issue just as intensely as they do with the killer or monster in the story. Wells seemed to be a very curious and open minded man who enjoys using writing to explore said curiosity and attempt to answer the questions that plague him about the human condition, something I’m enjoying exploring together with my dad in our writing. He was also very confident but not egotistical, something he facetiously credited to his American maleness and Whiteness, insightful humor I found honest and engaging.

Dan Wells

Dan Wells

After sharing several Noteworthy business cards on our way out of the event in an attempt to step out more and more in boldness we headed home. It was a very productive day that I know has reinvigorated us to continue pushing our own novel and and to push ourselves creatively when its time for the next story. We hope to attend more book conventions in the future to get more familiar with this world of literature we’ve jumped into. Dad gave me a flyer for CAPCLAVE, DC’s Literary Science Fiction & Fantasy convention the first weekend in October.

Maybe we will see you there!

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Throwback Thursday: DCV Movie Festival

The first weekend of this month, Emily Aguilar hosted the first annual DCV Movie Festival in the Nation’s Capital. A graduate of Loyala Marymount Univeristy, Emily is a very passionate young filmmaker originally from the DMV area. With her mentor Seanie Blue supporting her, as well as other friends and family in and out of the industry, she put the word out inviting local filmmakers to submit their work for free screening.

But that’s not all!

Emily is proof that my generation is truly defined by our success by who we know, and the power of our networking abilities. After having studied with his daughter at film school, Emily befriended renowned cinematographer Bill Butler, famous for his camera work on the movie’s Jaws, Grease, and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

My good friend Sean sits with Emily while discussing film with Bill Butler.

My good friend Sean sits with Emily while discussing film with Bill Butler.

Bill proved to be very knowledgeable indeed. He also challenged the future’s filmmakers to not only rely on new technologies, but also tried and true methods of storytelling in order to captivate audiences. We noticed he wasn’t all that impressed with our college degrees, although he was happy for those of us who had them, but he stressed creative and critical thinking about art and the future by drawing comparisons to feats from history that were inspiring to him but things we couldn’t understand today, such as the locomotive and the space program. He seemed to admonish us to capture that feeling in our movies versus being overly impressed with the tech or innovation itself for its own sake, no matter how remarkable. And I think he was just scratching the surface seeing as that talk was Friday night and he was the weekend speaker!

Last but not least, the screenings; or should I say screening. Its always interesting doing something for the very first time, and to their credit, Emily and Seanie were gracious hosts, but due to some competing noise pollution from a dance party in the room next to us, the crowd was only able to view my team’s film, This Used To Be Our Dream, directed by Ashleigh Coffelt. Our team was unable to attend the rest of the festival over the weekend, but since generally everyone else would be able to view and screen, Emily was a good sport and we closed Friday night with our film which you can watch below.

I was bummed I wasn’t able to see all of the other submissions, but from just that night of Q&A with Bill Butler, viewing our film, and befriending Emily afterward, this first go around for DCV Fest left a savory taste in my mouth and I can’t wait for what’s in store in 2016 when it comes back. There’s something that can be said for being around for something at “ground zero”, at its inception, and DCV Movie Fest gets me excited to be a local filmmaker and to see what other talent resides here in the DMV area. Check out the director spotlights at the Facebook page to get a feel for the local talent, including Emily and Seanie, and what film means to them.

Best Regards,

Mark & Josiah

PS: Oh and Emily – bailar! ^_^


Dad and I have been absent from posts that past year due to a lot of big changes, but good changes.

#1 Yours truly has finally graduated with a Bachelor of science degree in in Electronic Media & Film from Towson University!

11329944_10155573087515398_3941402352182313827_n TU Grad

Two years flew by so fast I got whiplash (also you should see that movie starring JK Simmons and Miles Teller, great coming of age Jazz movie, Whiplash) but as one chapter ends another begins. I can’t thank my family and friends enough for all of their support! Three months later I’m enjoying my new job as an Audio/VisualTechnician, I’m working on a couple personal short films and….



By now we’ve approved a second proof of the novel with the company, and it has been a wild ride. Learning to publish for yourself is no joke, but I have to admit, it has been very rewarding for us this summer. We plan to kick the marketing into high gear,and also we will share the release date as soon as we can. But know this: IT IS SOON 🙂

Wednesday evening, August 19 @9PM EST, both Dad and I will be interviewed on the K. Lowery Moore show on ListenVision Radio for Conversations & Confessions, to discuss our journey as authors thus far and to celebrate the coming release of Noteworthy Tribute: Running With the Mustangz At Little Island Pier.

Thank you for sticking with us through the arduous process, but the work and patience is paying off. People, this is happening and its happening now.

Please continue to follow all of our social media handles for continued updates, we are @JOMARKCREATIVE everywhere.

Best regards,

Josiah & Mark.

A Few Photos From the 2014 Maryland Film Festival

Since I’m still “saving up” for a DSLR camera of my own the following pictures aren’t that great, courtesy of my cellphone. Having said that the pictures still fill me with the excitement I had that weekend with friends meeting filmmakers and just having fun! Enjoy, maybe I’ll see you next spring at the festival!



Corpus Christi R.C. Church

Corpus Christi R.C. Church

Ticket Stub

My first screening at the festival!


The Business of Art and Design program continues to take on inventive initiatives, this time by bringing the first art vending machine to a Maryland collge. The trademarked Art-o-mat is a vintage cigarette vending machine that has been given a second life, offering affordable artwork instead of cigarettes.
The venture is a perfect fit for MPS students, who provide artwork that is vended for $5. Students work diretly with the company as Art-o-mat artists, supplying more than 90 active machines across the country.


The ‘Fountain of Youth’!


If anyone knows what this piece is called definitely comment!


Jimmy George – writer of ‘Call Girl of Cthulhu’ – sharing the wealth

Call Girl of Cthulhu

Some of the cast and crew with Chris LaMartina (director), his lead actress and fiance Melissa O’Brien and Jimmy George (writer).