BOYHOOD: Dinner & A Movie With MOM

Instagram moment!

Instagram moment!

It’s raining like crazy today!

Anyway, I’m gonna go back to August 1st. So I love my mom right, and my Dad has always encouraged the brothers and I to treat her right and do nice things for her. I was not only raised by my mom obviously, but I was educated by her too because she Homeschooled us as kids; yup, all the way up through high school. And because she has done so much for me, I have always felt there was NOTHING I could possibly do that could measure up to all she has given me.

Truth is I can’t.

And then I remembered, my mom isn’t a demanding woman; she doesn’t ask for a lot and she doesn’t flaunt her motherliness all over the place expecting certain treatment. She just loves people and that’s enough for her.

That realization gave me the kick in the pants to take her out again to see the movie Boyhood by Richard Linklater. The last movie I took her too was You Again!, that Jamie Lee Curtis versus Sigourney Weaver movie from a few years back. But we didn’t get to eat dinner that time. This time would be different.

So as broke as I was, Mom was her awesome self again, wanting to experience Baltimore and this “awesome Charles theater” I kept talking about. I should’ve known she wouldn’t care about paying for things; presence over presents. And I mean she has always provided and Boyhood was all about that, so it was kind of poetic.

So mom and I caught up on the drive down to Bmore, talking bills, summer time, entertainment news, etc. We even took a weird back road where we got to see all of these HUGE old rustic houses; she and my dad always liked walking/driving through neighborhoods admiring big houses. Finally we made it to Charles St.

Our first stop was Teatro Toppas for dinner. Its built right next door to The Charles and I’d never been there. “Small plates, big pleasure” is right! Mom and I laughed over plates of kale (how hipster of us), lamb chop w/ rhubarb BBQ sauce, fried bass, shrimp and calamari; I had never had fried anything that was so spot on and so lightly fried and it was superb! Next thing we knew it was time to see the movie, but we’d recommend Teatro Toppas to anyone in the DC/Baltimore area!

So I got a good laugh when I realized I had confused The Charles for The Senator! I was told one of these theaters was very old-school looking, with curtains and that old-timey feel. So that was a bummer, but then we were overcome with how vast the auditorium was; instead of seats stacked on each other like in traditional theaters, the rows were spaced out stretching several, several yards in every direction. Wow!

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Our feelings during and after the movie was just a feeling of awe: its amazing to watch a 2hour movie of kids aging 12 years in one sitting. The closest and maybe most recent experience like this was Harry Potter movies, difference being obvious – we grew up with the actors.

The story is very simple and obvious – growing up. The movie follows Ellar Coltrane as Mason from the age of 7 to 19 as his family moves to Texas to start a new life. The story follows him and his sister and mother as they reunite with their dad played by Ethan Hawke. Honestly the story could have followed any one of them in that family, or more specifically Mason’s sister, because it is just so cool to watch these same young actors grow 12 years right before your eyes.

I really don’t want to say more than that so that you can watch the movie for yourself. I admit that the movie might be more amazing as an experimental movie technically due to sticking with the same actors. The story is fine and familiar in some ways but its the behind the scenes knowledge and the way its been marketed that will put you in that theater and you will get your money’s worth for sure.

Mom and I on the drive home had a lot of fun decoding the family dynamics, mainly between the mom and dad characters. Their relationship and separate lives around Mason are very interesting to watch and Ethan Hawke is just awesome to watch since I don’t regularly watch his movies. And let me say it was awesome seeing Patricia “Kissin’ Kate Barlow” Arquette again, its been a while!

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Sorry I really want to get into the nitty-gritty of the movie that mom and I did but – you just gotta go see it. But its nights like that one with my mom that fill me with happiness. Most of the time I just talk to my mom about movies but rarely do I get to see any with her, lately mostly since I’m at school for another year. She had an amazing time, just her and I catching up and it was a lot fo fun sharing my kind of new “home” in Baltimore with her and showing her where my college friends hang out and getting a taste of something new. And I think that movie gave me a small taste of what it must be like to be her, to be a parent, to watch kids grow up so quick right before your eyes! I think I appreciated her love even more after that night.

She says she and Dad will go to Teatro Toppas one night soon. But I do want to take her out for mother/son bonding time again and cover everything! But I remember that love is really what matters to her and spending a night out with good food and a great movie experience just her and I was just what the doctor ordered and I look forward to out next adventure together.




Watch “The Bradley Bunch | Pilot” on YouTube

The Bradley Bunch | Pilot:

I present to you all the pilot to my family’s new web series, created by none other than my brother Mateo!


Collaboration: Keeping It In the Family

This past summer I have enjoyed creating projects with my immediate and extended family and I’d like to list them from most recent to earliest team up.

Matthew’s Web series – Last night my brother Matthew completed filming on the pilot for his newest web series project following our family. It is inspired by his newest obsession, Parks & Rec haha and follows my family, albeit more exaggerated, in a single-camera set up. Our friend Ryan is producing it with him. I’m really excited to see how this turns out and I’m sure Matthew is too; the whole family is pretty stoked about it and being on camera. This will mark my dad’s first time on camera since by now everyone including our dog has been on YouTube or some short film!

Like and Subscribe to the show @

Like and Subscribe to the show @


Ethan’s 2nd Day of Bait & Switch – Yesterday afternoon marked my other brother Ethan’s second day onset of Bait & Switch, a web series me and a couple Towson friends have been producing for a year and a half. He gets to put his natural style to good use, playing a dashing law enforcement officer. He’s just naturally sharp and dresses nice for his job so I figured he’d be perfect for this brief stint on the show. I look forward to watching him when his episodes air online later. It was exciting to work with Ethan in a film; the last thing he and I did was a cool street gang inspired photo shoot I did a few years back, but finally he’s acting; last time we acted together was for one of our god mother’s stage plays.

Ethan - the picture of authority.

Ethan – the picture of authority.

Oh, also my best friend Marcus has a couple roles on Bait & Switch also and that was exciting putting him back onscreen as an aspiring actor. Last time he was onscreen was a couple years back for our friend’s film Waging War

Waging War
Marcus the Thespian – Which segues into more about my best friend, who might as well be family. I am happy so say that he has gotten some new head shots taken with a new friend of ours, a free lance photographer close to other mutual family friends. Its not all about me, but dad says its going well when one project makes room for others to grow. My friendship with Charity has now made a way for Marcus to get things done for his acting career: getting new head shots, starring in a web series, and being an extra on other films including House of Cards. This Friday he’ll be in a cool concert/riot type scene and he even listens to the featured artists and has memorabilia he can bring! I can’t go cause I’m spending time with my grandmother but I wanted to pass it forward so I’m glad he can go and get more experience, do his own thing, and things can only get better for him!

Follow on Instgram @baitandswitchseries

Follow on Instgram @baitandswitchseries

Photo Shoot with Charity – Extending to other friends, my new friend Charity is budding free lance photographer and film maker. She recently shot photos of some models for me to serve as promotion for Noteworthy Tribute in the near future! I was scared the shoot wouldn’t work out due to scheduling conflicts, my own inexperience and above all… BAD WEATHER. But thank God it all worked out! My Lammda Kappa Tau ladies were amazingly professional (good reunion with them before school starts), and my family friend Kiana did wonderful make up for them. It was a great day of laughter and team work and dad and I can’t wait to reveal the poster(s) we create from that photo shoot!

Courtesy of CharityBMedia!

Courtesy of CharityBMedia!

Marcus’s Screenplay – The middle of the summer saw me hard at work on a short script for Marcus’s first major production for the near future. The story is an action drama about forgiving one’s self. Honestly its the most brutal thing I have written yet and I welcomed the challenge to condense the story into something we hope will be half an hour or so when shooting begins. right now draft 1 is done and I am awaiting feedback from a few trusted friends on the script, including Marcus and our friend Audie who will play the central character. Its so fun to get buried in a story, a new story and even one that has an end point much shorter than you’re used to. It forces you to be creative in new ways in your writing and get to the point sooner. I can’t wait for Marcus to direct this movie!

Matthew & Ryan’s DREAMERS –  Bringing it back to the Bradleys, all of my brothers save Daniel, filmed a new episode of an older series Matthew and Ryan put out about people with powers over dreams and consciousness a few weeks back. I think Matthew plans to have Ethan and I onscreen for this revamp/reboot of his and Ryan’s story; not sure, but he seems to be planning at least one more episode with us and I am happy to help, if I can only slow down enough haha.

Aunt and Cousin Editing – Dad and I have employed one of my aunt and cousins to do grammar and continuity editing on our current manuscript of Noteworthy Tribute. Its been a long time coming and Aunt Chris has finished all of it and I am hoping to get more insight on what she thought of the story. Aunt Chris has already been cited in someone else’s book as editor so that got all of us pumped to sing her on to work with us on getting our manuscript out!

And that concludes my recap of the summer. As you can see, we in my family like to stay busy, but as my brothers and i get older we have no been inspired to keep a lot of projects in the family or include more of our family. And its been a wonderful experience meeting new friends in the creativity business we can collaborate with. I look forward to seeing these projects come to fruition and be completed and to sharing them with you all!



Numa Perrier of Black&SexyTV speak to CINEMATIQ Magazine about Spike Lee, new film, ‘Da Sweet Blood of Jesus’ and BSTV new business model

I’ve been following BLACK&SEXY.TV for about a year now and they’re breaking new ground as far as putting out programs geared toward a more diverse audience and representing diversity in those on putting work on screen and off. Check em out!


Numa Perrier Numa Perrier

New York – ( – July 8, 2014. CINEMATIQ Talk (web exclusive) presented by CINEMATIQ Magazine returns with special guest, Numa Perrier, director of programming and development for Black and Sexy TV. Angel Brown, publisher, and host of the podcast managed to catch up with Numa shortly after the world premiere of Spike Lee latest film project, ‘Da Sweet Blood of Jesus’ at the American Black Film Festival in New York City.

In a 4- part discussion, Numa talk about her involvement with the project as crowd-sourcing expert and campaign manager. She gives great incite on what it takes to run a successful crowd-sourcing campaign and shared two major changes Spike Lee had to implement that would “guaranteed” reaching his goal. “Guaranteed is a strong word but he had to succeed. If he win, we win, if he lose, we lose,” said Numa. “I saw a…

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A Few Photos From the 2014 Maryland Film Festival

Since I’m still “saving up” for a DSLR camera of my own the following pictures aren’t that great, courtesy of my cellphone. Having said that the pictures still fill me with the excitement I had that weekend with friends meeting filmmakers and just having fun! Enjoy, maybe I’ll see you next spring at the festival!



Corpus Christi R.C. Church

Corpus Christi R.C. Church

Ticket Stub

My first screening at the festival!


The Business of Art and Design program continues to take on inventive initiatives, this time by bringing the first art vending machine to a Maryland collge. The trademarked Art-o-mat is a vintage cigarette vending machine that has been given a second life, offering affordable artwork instead of cigarettes.
The venture is a perfect fit for MPS students, who provide artwork that is vended for $5. Students work diretly with the company as Art-o-mat artists, supplying more than 90 active machines across the country.


The ‘Fountain of Youth’!


If anyone knows what this piece is called definitely comment!


Jimmy George – writer of ‘Call Girl of Cthulhu’ – sharing the wealth

Call Girl of Cthulhu

Some of the cast and crew with Chris LaMartina (director), his lead actress and fiance Melissa O’Brien and Jimmy George (writer).

Maryland Film Festival 2014

Now that I have only a week left of school I feel I can make a post. That and I had a great time this week at my first ever Maryland Film Festival!

I’ve gotta say ever since joining LKT (Lambda Kappa Tau) I am way more sensitive to the media arts around me. I believe that this festival is held every spring and I definitely didn’t know about it my first semester at Towson (which happened to be spring). As the start date for the MFF drew closer, a few faculty began sending out emails (and even Facebook messages) to those of us they see most often in and out of class, encouraging all of the students interested in film (but mostly Electronic Media & Film* kids) to go to the festival; even volunteer to work the festival’s tech like projections and audio. At first I thought I’d only be able to make one film and I would’ve been fine with that. But instead I got to see three!

Heads up, these are not critical movie reviews, or even movies reviews at all really. just a summary and what I liked about them.

  1. Image
    CALL GIRL OF CTHULHU Directed by Towson Alum, Chris LaMartina. Baltimore-based D.I.Y. horror helmer Chris LaMartina’s latest tells the Lovecraft-inspired story of a virginal artist who falls in love with a call girl that turns out to be the chosen bride of the alien god Cthulhu.I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Chris and sitting in on a couple of talks with him and other students at school. One was for a workshop exclusively for LKT since Chris has worked with at least two of my fellow society members, and they asked him and some friends of his on his production team to sit down and talk about their journey thus far. And the second time was the same thing, only open to all EMF* students. Honestly, before seeing this movie, I knew nothing of Lovecraft so I went into this movie totally blind. I usually don’t watch movies like this, they’re just not my cup of tea, but all the same it was cool watching all of the blood and goo in this dark action comedy. Chris and his team did a fine job and looked like they had a fun time making the movie, and I hope to create the same fun environment on a movie one day too. For those who are fans of the B-movies filled with blood and guts, profanity and sex, this is for you. Google more on Chris LaMartina, I read this is his seventh feature and I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of him. Kudos to him for falling in love onset too as his lead actress is his bride to be. Talk about falling in love with you work! That was cool to hear because I asked during the Q&A what it was like for Chris and Melissa to work together and that’s when I learned they started dating during production or there abouts. Still, very cool dynamic they struck and it reminded me of my film friends Tiffany and Jahmal Tucker; power couples making it work in the industry! And that was Thursday night.
  2. Image
    HAPPY CHRISTMAS Directed Joe Swanberg. Following his breakthrough hit Drinking Buddies, Joe Swanberg re-teams with star Anna Kendrick and cinematographer Ben Richardson (Beasts of the Southern Wild) for an insightful look at family and friendship centered around a Chicago Christmas. Cast includes Melanie Lynskey, Mark Webber, and Lena Dunham.Sunday! So Thursday I got a voucher which lets you pick up a free ticket (if any are left) to any single screening; got that off my editing professor. Then I got two more from some friends who couldn’t go to the rest of the festival. So today (yesterday) some LKT friends and I sped down to the MICA Brown Center to see this little gem with Anna Kendrick. Real talk, this is only the second movie I’ve ever seen her in, even though she’s probably everywhere. It was also cool seeing her reunite with her Scott Pilgrim V.S. the World co-star Mark Webber (Stephen Stills) in this movie. Let me also say Joe’s real-life baby, Jude steals the show in this movie as the comic relief. My friend Duncan also pointed out that Joe’s wife (in and out of the movie) was also the annoying neighbor crushing on Charlie Sheen when he was on Two And A Half Men and I thought that was cool. Oh, and my first time seeing Lena Dunham which was cool, since I haven’t seen her show Girls; not too much not too little and she was funny.Anna Kendrick plays an immature young woman living with her brother (Joe Swanberg) in Chi Town after a bad break up. Anna does a good job in her role but based on how she acts in the movie, creating obstacle for herself… I figured that’s why she and her boyfriend broke up, but I have to make that up in my head. No one ever sits her down to talk about what’s bugging her when she does irresponsible things; no one levels with her. So I had to just decide well she may be 27 but she’s still got some growing up to do, but it would’ve been nice to have that laid out and dealt with. Sure Her character gets reprimanded for the mistakes she makes, especially when they affect others, but she kind of skates by in my opinion.

    That didn’t break the movie for me and I still really like it, but that’s some of what I felt afterward. My favorite part is when Joe’s wife Melanie decides to take up writing again. I was telling my other friend Ori that the middle of the movie between Melanie and Anna Kendrick was my favorite because there are a bunch of scenes of the women discussing the book and trying to figure characters out and such. It got me excited because I flashed back to when Dad and I were doing the exact same thing on our novel. So that was inspiring and exciting for both Ori and I. If you like interpersonal movies, and holiday movies that aren’t sappy (I forgot Christmas was a factor in this movie despite the title) then check this out on DVD/Blu ray!

  3. Image
    PING PONG SUMMER directed by Michael Tully in Ocean City, MD. The director of Septien returns with a sweet and hilarious love letter to summers spent in Ocean City, MD during the golden era of hip-hop, boasting a cast that includes Susan Sarandon, Lea Thompson, Amy Sedaris, and Robert Longstreet.
    This movie will absolutely bring back summer family vacation memories for you like it did for me. I’ve actually never been to OC, been more of a Virginia Beach kind of guy (as you’ll learn in ‘A Noteworthy Tribute’) but the family quirkiness and beach fun was very familiar to me and most of the audience. The movie develops into a brief master/apprentice story around the end of the 2nd Act when none other than Susan Sarandon herself takes the central character, Rad, under her wing. I love stories like that! The movie is also quite funny as it takes us back to the mid 80s.After the movie, like with Chris LaMartina, the director, Michael Tully and his cast of teen actors took the stage and answered questions about the their experience. I got to talk to Tully for 5 minutes or so and asked him what it was like writing from such a familiar place like vacation as a kid. It’s something I’d like to do more of, not specifically vacations, though a lot of that inspires “the novel” so that’s cool and apt to this post, but also just writing positive feelings and memories into a story with characters and then expanding on the experiences seems like a  lot of fun. Its also something I am trying to accomplish in my script for my screenplay class in the fall semester. And fun fact, Rad’s rival in the movie went to the same school as one of my friends, even asked him to friend him on Facebook; my fiend seemed totally surprised when he recognized the kid. And that was my Sunday.

So I had a great time as you can tell. I’ll post the few pictures I took later in the week. But I have to admit, it felt weird driving back to campus earlier this evening after spending 5 hours in the city watching indie movies and hanging out at a festival. Next year I’ll be even more prepared because I didn’t get to go to any free panels and take part in or listen to discussions and I really wanna do that next time. And also buy some merchandise, the poster is cool but I want a bit more than that haha. But it was a great 2 days of the Maryland Film Festival and I’m really glad I went with friends, just living the dream. This is something I’d like to organize with the family one day too, maybe for the next one and get them hip to the festival and get them to drive out and see something with me and enjoy what I enjoy, especially since before I went to Towson we didn’t spend a lot of time in Baltimore. Its one of my favorite things about going to school here is my horizons have expanded to what’s out there creatively, beforehand I knew nothing of what Baltimore had to offer in the arts. Glad I chose to venture out!

And also, if my family does come around for a festival I think they’d get a kick out of hanging out with the hipster kids! For more information on the Maryland Film Festival go online at