MuteMath LIVE!

Hello again, Josiah here!

So those in my family’s inner circle know that we Bradleys love music, and as a bonus some of us are even musically inclined. My dad is a singer/songwriter and plays the guitar, two of my brothers are drummers and one of which is also a talented guitarist himself and bassist. We have a family band known as The Mustangz the same name our protagonist Evan Spencer shares with his band mates in our book Noteworthy Tribute which includes songs written by my dad that we’ve performed in real life!

So when I heard that my all time favorite band MuteMath was making the return trip to D.C. this past Tuesday on their tour to promote the new album Vitals, I knew I had to make seeing them a second time bigger and better than three years ago (my birthday in fact)! So my three brothers and I packed into the car and drove and stood in rain on U Street to catch these guys (later meeting our friend LaTanya a fellow MathMutician). And all I gotta say is “WOW” what a show, and what better way to celebrate the new album live than with a close friend and my brothers for a night out!

Much like in our novel (but no spoilers), I felt a stronger bond with my brothers that night rockin’ out to some of our favorites music together. These days we are split up often in our own lives, working and hanging out with our own social circles. Now and again we get to share a movie or special event just us together and this concert was no exception and it warmed my heart to see them throughout the night having fun with live renditions of songs they already liked, and hearing both new and old songs they had never heard before. It is so powerful how music can bring people together.

And the deeper you go into Noteworthy Tribute, I think you will see that theme of music’s magical ability to unite come alive within the pages; keep an eye out for Tracks (chapters) 7 and 8 and that’s all I’ll say on that tip especially as it relates to today’s article.

If you like acts who can fuse multiple genres of music into their own unique sound then check out MuteMath for yourself where you’ll find clever stories and lyrics, electronic/digital inflections balanced by a bombastic Rock & Roll feel with roots found in Blues. I know, it sounds all over the place, but trust me, give these Nawlins quartet a listen and decide for yourself! And while you’re at it check out their opener the QuietEntertainer. I won’t lie but I got strong Evena Spencer vibes watching him perform before MuteMath took the stage. But you’ve got to read to find out what I mean!

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On Air Live w/ K. Lowrey Moore: ‘Conversations & Confessions’

Thanks again to K. Lowrey Moore! Our novel Noteworthy Tribute can now be purchased on! Don’t forget to post a SELFIE of you and your copy with #NoteworthyTribute. Follow us on social media and rate and review the book when you’re finished on Amazon.

Above all else, we hope you enjoy the book!

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Mark & Josiah

Our First Author Interview – Conversations & Confessions w/ K. Lowery Moore


Last night, August 19, 2015 JoMarkCreative father/son authors was interviewed for the very first time on live television-radio, WLVS, ListenVision Live! Our host for the evening was one Ms. K. Lowery Moore on on her weekly evening broadcast ‘Conversations & Confessions’. But there’s more! She uploads her episodes to her YouTube channel and as soon as our episode is uploaded we will upload here for your viewing pleasure. We discussed the journey writing the book, from dad going it alone, to bringing me on as co-author, and also the music involved and the main message we want the charcters to convey. She and my dad work together in career development and when the subject of our book came up, Ms. Lowery was ecstatic at the thought of the both of them seeing the more creative side beyond the day in day out 9 to 5.

It was great for me to meet another one of my dad’s co-workers, and honestly, friends last night and discuss making our dream come true via K.Lowery’s platform on the airwaves!

I encourage you to check out more of her episodes as she shares her platform with others to simply share their experiences, passions and view points without judgment in a creative environment. If you like what you see, subscribe to her page and follow her on Instagram and Twitter and check out her writings and website.


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Mark & Josiah




I am one proud brother! Over Memorial Day weekend, my dad and brother Matthew drove to Annapolis for dinner at SONIC! Throughout the day and on the trip, Matthew gave dad and I an exclusive first listen to his latest mix tape, Sardonic Absence, a project he’d been working for a few months. We listened to it all the way through once, then again, but the second time Matthew broke down each verse for us revealing what the lyrics meant to him and what story he was telling one each track.

My brother has been through more than I had realized and it was eye-opening and humbling to listen to him tell us about the personal journey he’s been on and how it created these songs. I thnik the overarching theme of this mix tape is maturity, and the noble quest for identity.

I gotta say I have a new found respect for Matthew and his hustle, and he inspires me to be even more creative. I know my dad had to have felt the same inspiration!

And it also reminded me of the hustle I hope that dad and I conveyed in the character Evan Spencer in our forthcoming novel Noteworthy Tribute! This is so exciting!

The mix tape can be found for FREE on Matthew’s profile in the embedded link. He requests that you view the TRAILER for it right here before listening. Please enjoy and support my brother’s creativity!