BERMUDA: A Noteworthy Voyage


So Dad and my brother Matthew returned from a cruise trip to Bermuda yesterday. As often as he can my dad takes a trip with my brothers and I (I have three) outside of the country for a “father and son bonding trip”. It started with me in 2005 to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Next, he and Ethan flew to Jamaica and swam with dolphins. He and the youngest of us, Daniel, are currently planning their trip to Japan and they’re very excited, talking to friends who have visited the country already and doing research.

He and Matthew met some interesting folks including New York City Actress/Comedian, Camille Theobald…check her out. “What a cool person – she’s all the way ‘live’.”


Clock Tower Mall at Royal Naval Dockyard


Historic City Hall in Hamilton, Bermuda

Dad later shared the unique experience of bringing three copies of our book Noteworthy Tribute with him. “You never know”, I said, and Mom agreed so he took some.

Can you believe he sold three books???


One of the people he sold it to was a very nice and enthusiastic woman, Debbie, and also her husband who happened to be from the DMV area. Then there was Tony (Sigma frat brother) Forbes and his wife Cynthia D. Francis-Forbes Baltimore Arena Stage Actress and Playwright. They were so excited about the book that they began to brainstorm various ideas that Dad and I might want to consider to gain more traction with the book! Much love to you both.

“People are more excited than we are and have so many ideas,” Dad exclaimed. That impressed me too. It seems rare for people to so readily contribute to your creative cause with ideas of their own – and good ones (but you’ll learn about those in due time)!


Jamaica Grill in Hamilton, Bermuda


Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

The energy from so many people regarding our book is so contagious and its impressive how involved strangers and family alike want to get. We’ve got cousins in Illinois and various places buying several copies to give to their friends and extended family, doing all they can to share our story in their communities, and we’ve got friends doing the same; it’s a movement!

That was the exact word a friend used in the early days of editing the book, “Think of this book as a movement,” he told Dad and I. Back then we didn’t fully know what he meant. Our book isn’t niche, there’s no lasers or magic, uprisings or government conspiracies, its young adult drama, generational connections, and it is centered on music. Could this story really spark a movement for something so… tame? Well, I’m glad we got our acts together because the book is picking up steam, slowly but surely, and its bringing out the best parts of this father and son relationship as well as our individual personalities.


Matthew and Dad on Captain’s Night

Writers can’t stop at writing the book; they have to sell it too, and that means interacting with people – the FANS!

The journey continues…

Mark & Josiah