Hey folks, many thanks to all of you for following. Here’s the status. We are working on updating this website and seeing where that leads us. In terms of writing, Josiah has been working in his area of science fiction. I am working on two pieces, one a drama set in the late ’70’s about white collar morals versus street morals. The other piece is a personal/professional development book focusing on the mindset that it takes to succeed. Lastly, the two of us have laid out the outline for an anthology of the characters based on our book Noteworthy Tribute.

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Lately, I’ve been running a Facebook Live show titled The Awakening. This show is a platform for those who would like to reach their dreams. They may not have arrived yet but they have taken the first step. What I have found is that many have dreams which are “tugging” at them and the dreams, yes, the dreams, are saying, “Hey, wake up. You forgot about me.” Barriers to anything that you could want to do are falling down and it’s the perfect time to pursue that dream.

On The Awakening, I provide observations in the area of personal/professional development such as book reviews, philosophy of coaching, principles of success and various other thoughts. There are occasions when I have had guests on the show, they have included: Emma G a singer/songwriter from New Zealand (; Miss Ash Productions a filmmaker, Sundance & Cannes Indie award winner; Tommi a singer/dancer/model with roots from Sierra Leone (; Garth Vickers an entrepreneur in business development and finance (; and MisschelleRenee an opera singer/contemporary artist, listen to her first single at (

Well, that’s the latest from JoMarkCreative…stay tuned.


Another Happy NT Reader



Josiah and I are always so excited to hear from our Noteworthy Tribute readers. Here is an entry from this month, along with her comments below – thanks bunches Kim…

Good morning Mark;

“I have finally finished the book, I loved it was very captivating and real.  I will share the book with my son.”

Thank you for sharing,






Hi there, we are in the process of building a brand new website. For business inquiries and updates, products, travel, book signings, etc, please email, or contact us on Facebook/Twitter @ JoMarkCREATIVE.


See you soon!

Josiah & Mark,
Father and Son Authors.

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Batman: The Killing Joke – Movie Review

Josiah made a contribution to Check out his review of ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’!


Warner Bros. Animation presents the much anticipated cinematic adaptation of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s 1988 iconic Batman story, The Killing Joke. The story acts as a bottle-neck episode in the careers of both the Caped Crusader and Clown Prince of Crime showing their last climactic confrontation, as well as shedding some light on a possible origin story of the man who would become Batman’s arch enemy, the Joker. The movie welcomes legendary voice actors Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy who uttered every growl, laugh and monologue for their respective characters from the 90s to the early 2000s. Also, Tara Strong, who is no stranger to lending her voice talents to DC animated films, joins the cast as Batgirl/Barbara Gordon.

As the story goes, Batman makes a final attempt to reach Joker while in jail and appeal to his humanity. Batman wants to avoid killing him or being killed or risking…

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March Madness

Yo, Josiah here! So two of the busiest months for me are (in ascending order) May due to all of the graduations and the graduation BBQs that follow. And then March due to the at least one dozen birthdays shared amongst my friends and family. But this past March was by far the most hectic and I’ve got the novel to thank for that. Enjoy this brief recap of what Noteworthy Tribute was doing in March 2016!

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  1. March 13 – Beechtree Author Q&A
    Back in February Dad and I held a book signing in our local community. A close friend of my Dad’s is a part of a book club and invited us to their space to hold a signing. Readers had a month to get through the book so we could all talk spoilers back at Beechtree. The highlight of the Q&A session was meeting Teressa, a fellow author. She passed on a lot of wisdom and experience on and admonished us not to give up on the author dream and to do all we could to get our book out to the masses; and she jumped at the chance to help in any way she could. Since then, we have been in contact with her and registered for new local vendor opportunities. Writers gotta stick together!


  2. March 14 – Belcroft Bible Church
    The entire Bradley Clan shared the various endeavors we’ve launched ranging from the novel to videography and travel experience all thanks to a business expo the church held. We were allotted a couple minutes to talk about ourselves and how the novel came to be. Afterward, a few people walked away with their copy of the book! Some highlights from that night came in the form of meeting a social media guru and another videographer looking to work together. Oh and top of that, I turned 27!


  3. March 18 – Seaton Memorial A.M.E. Church
    Packed into a room were six authors from the DMV area! Most of the books were instructional or of the memoir variety, so Noteworthy Tribute stood in the gap for creative fiction. It was amazing to be sitting amongst other writers who made it their mission to get their story published for the world to see. It was incredible and the night was capped off by a video conference with all of us and another author who published a story book for children, a loose retelling of his life. He aims to connect an app to the book to inspire kids to pursue their interests in technology, and higher education. entrepreneurs


  4. March 26 – Ukazoo Books & The Inconvenient Truth
    We ventured to a rather spacious used/new bookstore in Towson, MD, a really chill place I remember visiting once during my time at Towson University. It was a real treat to catch up with two film maker friends from school who came to support the book, one of which was the camera woman on my senior film! But the high lights of the day came in the form of two interviews one of which wasn’t even planned. We met a young Mass Comm major from TU who got stood up by another author she was there to write about but when she saw our table she plopped down and got to know us; we even discussed traveling and her other interests and she walked away with our story, both professional and personal. Lastly, we caught up with my friend TD Stroman III whom I worked with on a fun indie/fantasy film years ago. He is the host of The Inconvenient Truth filmed out in Fairfax. He squeezed us into our own segment since he was mostly covering local comedians that day, but when he spoke with us he totally understood our message of father and son bonding, passing of the torch and how it inspires creativity.

So that was the month of March and it was a packed one. As we continue on our journey we continue to meet fresh new voices in the arts and they further inspire me to be as authentic as possible, keep learning and never quit. We’re only four months in and so much has happened to Noteworthy Tribute and I can’t wait to see what April brings!

Write you again soon!