Current Book Project


Noteworthy Tribute:
Running With the Mustangz At Little Island Pier.

After the death of his best friend and bandmate, Cory Lynn Faber finds himself three thousand miles away in Virginia Beach, driven by his need for renewal when he meets fellow musician, Evan Spencer, who wrestles with his family’s desire for him to pursue college and a “normal” vocation versus starting a band, against the backdrop of hidden family secrets.

Evan’s girlfriend Camille, a promising college student, juggles her expanding role in the band and must balance the intrusion of terminal illness, along with reclaiming a relationship with her estranged mother.

With the inclusion of Cory, Evan’s band, The Mustangz, struggle to complete their first musical project and find they must navigate the vices of the street, and personal tragedy, while learning the importance of trust between their families and each other.

Noteworthy Tribute is a story about the importance of relationship, destiny, and sacrifice in the lives of young adults as they reconcile the loving guidance of their parents’ generation.



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